Through war and violence, or a quiet seeping loss of control. Neither appeals to me.

People see protesters and scoff. “Pshaw, that don’t work.”

But it does work.

The voice of the people wants to be heard, and when it’s a subject people really care about that voice can be heard far and wide. Take a bunch of K-pop fans and see how loud they can be, and that’s a sound that cannot be ignored.

I write a lot about State governments. Some people might find the idea offensive, but I think it could be our future. I watch the news and I see the things that are happening in the world, and I can’t help imagining a future where events could take place that would result in countries of the world merging into single government groups. Eventually there would be a Unified Earth in the far future, but in a more closer timeline I could see the residents of a continent being assimilated into one society. And it can happen in different ways.

In Paradigm Shift, there was a massive war that wiped out most of the people on Earth. It was a “zombie apocalypse” in the sense that the dead walked, but there’s an explanation that’s a big part of the plot. Anyways, humans manage to find a cure for the zombie virus and order is restored with State Rule in control. There are Law Officers and Primes to mete out justice in the day to day, with set penalties to each offense, and Sector Judges for the larger offenses. Every citizen is taught the Laws in school so there is no confusion about what will happen if they do something wrong. It doesn’t matter what social status someone is, if they break the same Law they receive the same punishments; all citizens are treated the same irregardless of social standing.

It’s also a fascist society that has some draconian punishment laws. That’s all built up after the human race is hit by a plague that renders all females sterile. Humans are on the brink of extinction and the State and its officials are doing everything they can to stop it. Even subjugation of whole classes of people.

In Idlewile, the State runs most aspects of peoples’ lives. Idols of sports, music, and video are raised up for the adulation of the people. There are no hungry, no homeless, no hopelessly destitute citizens. Every person is ensured a daily ration of vat protein, though animal meat is an expensive luxury as are real fruits and vegetables. The world is largely at peace, as dissension is not allowed. The State knows all. The State sees all. And punishments are swift and happen in the night.

In both stories there were protests about the State taking over, but the protests were weak and ineffective. In Paradigm Shift, Gregor’s mother was killed at the Clavell Protest, also known as the Massacre of Clavell. In Idlewile, Idle’s parents were too outspoken with their views about the State. They were taken in the night and Idle was separated from his younger sister for special education.

State Rule in Paradigm Shift came about through war and violence, while in Idlewile it was a quiet seeping loss of control. Both have Law Officers and Judges, though Paradigm Shift has the Primes who are trained to be human weapons. Idlewile has giant robots, Paradigm Shift has genetically modified humans. Both have an all-powerful government looming over the citizenry.


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