Venture Bros tonight! Season V. And other news

Venture Bros tonight! Season V starting June 2. Many yays will be had.
I can’t wait ^_^

– I’m also excited because I’ve got my new account with ARe, so I’ll
be putting books up there. I’m still a bit confused about the whole
iBookstore thing, because I’m already using SW for that :/ Still, it’s
very cool and I have to make special editions just for ARe.

– Hopefully I’ll be sending out the copies of Slipping Through the
Cracks to all my HAHAT commenters tomorrow. There was some cleanup
involved, an additional 5000 words added, and a little PWP sideshot.
Hopefully no one’s going to be disappointed (Anxiety! Anxiety!)

Seriously, there’s so many stories I keep locked up and don’t share
because I’m worried people are going to read them and hate them.
Meanwhile, my fanfic persona is fearlessly putting out whatever. I
can’t explain the madness.

– Chocolatey Charleston Chews are delicious in the freezer. I’m just
saying. Nom nom.


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