I guess I’m a huge jerk.

I guess I’m a huge jerk.

I didn’t mean to be, but I was sitting on the porch writing in my
notebook and all of a sudden Kahluah perks up. So I look up and
there’s a bicyclist coming into our driveway.

“Um, excuse me?” That’s what I said, but I must have been distracted
because it sounded too harsh.

He was like “Oh, yeah.” And he turned around and he went on the other
side of the bush to drink water and he was there for like two minutes
before riding off.

I felt bad. I would have let him stay on the more level area of the
driveway or he could have sat on the grass. He looked like he was
really working out and could have used a breather.

Intonation is important I guess. Sound like a jerk and people think
you’re a jerk.


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