My tweets

  • Mon, 13:12: I know it’s on TV, but he’s a real judge. This ain’t no Jerry Springer. “That time Judge Matthias got pissed off and arrested ev’r’budy”
  • Mon, 13:14: Srsly, he was like “Aht aht” and interrupting every time she was about to implicate herself. “This is TV. Don’t make me send you to prison”
  • Mon, 13:54: Thanks for the retweet @HavanFellows 🙂
  • Mon, 14:20: Dude, I love Bob Ross. ‘Happy clouds. Happy mountains.’ “5 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Were Badass Soldiers”
  • Mon, 15:24: OMG Reinhard Heydrich assassination. That shit needs a movie. “5 Ridiculous Assassination Plots That Actually Worked”
  • Mon, 15:35: Can ppl tell on YouTube that I’m the one that down voted their comment? That dude is rly obnoxious. Does it count as spam?
  • Mon, 15:44: Fanvid: “South Park – Don’t Stop Believing (Journey)” *light NSFW end*
  • Mon, 16:06: I’m inordinately pleased about this proof of my smarts “5 Unrealistic Movie Cliches That Are Scientifically Accurate”
  • Mon, 17:37: “5 Words You Use Every Day With Shockingly Dark Backstories”
  • Mon, 22:11: Only a couple more hours to enter. I’m just saying. Comment, get a book #mm “Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia”


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