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  • Thu, 20:03: Can someone really post a YouTube video as a virus on Tumblr? *is confused* but still deleted the submission
  • Thu, 20:09: RT @brbsiberia: @HarperKingsley0 It’s happened on LJ, so I’d imagine Tumblr would be susceptible, too.
  • Thu, 20:18: RT @brbsiberia: @HarperKingsley0 There’s a trojan buried in the encoding. If you’ve got good anti virus software, run it now.
  • Thu, 20:19: RT @ANNZac: Starting a ‘nerd news’ site is like looking at a strip mall that has 18 pizza places in it and having the idea to open a pizza …
  • Thu, 20:33: I’m super scared of this video Tumblr virus thing. I feel like I just watched The Ring 😥 “Seven days…”
  • Thu, 20:58: Did a search on my username in Google Images o_O;
  • Thu, 21:04: It’s terrible the bridge fell, but it’s been 1 hour of looking at the same still picture :/ *KOMO & every single local TV station*
  • Thu, 21:05: RT @CaseySJones: Eyewitness Claim: Caller to KOMO Radio News says he saw a truck hit girders before bridge collapse into #SkagitRiver. http…
  • Thu, 21:30: Oh, I just saw this. Your cover looks so good ^_^ Comes out June 7. RT @brbsiberia: Cover Art Reveal: City of Jade.
  • Thu, 21:52: I’m totally jelly. She did some great work RT @brbsiberia: Right? I’m so thrilled with it. Anne Cain did a terrific job.

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