I think Amanda Bynes could turn it around if she really wanted to

I read this post: “How media created (and destroyed) Tila Tequila” from Digital Trends. And I got to thinking.

The post starts by talking about the rise and fall of Tila Tequila and mentions Amanda Bynes*. I can’t help wishing someone would reach out a hand and help Amanda Bynes. (My fondness for She’s the Man kind of pours over, even though her hyper-orange appearance in Hair Spray made me wrinkle my nose.)

If she’s that hard up for jobs, couldn’t someone get her on their webshow? Do you need the same kind of insurance as you would for a regular movie or TV show? I mean, it would suck if she didn’t show up on schedule, but I would always have a backup show idea just in case. (Like Spongebob’s “never before seen” episode. You’d just host a viewing of something never shown.) And if she was completely deranged, it would be nice to write her off for the day rather than help her humiliate herself.

Which is something I wish they would have done for Tila Tequila. Sure, she was actively seeking attention, but when she was getting that entirely erratic … I wish someone would have stepped in and said “Enough.” It’s like when Drew Barrymore posed in Playboy, and Steven Spielberg stepped in as her godfather and stopped the print run before anyone saw her naked. Later on she was glad to have someone watching out for her.

It’s awful when these girls get super famous without someone to keep them on the level. There’s people that want to have sex with them, and people that want to cash in on them; and both groups want to get them naked in public. And in the moment, with the mood pumped up, sometimes it’s hard to remember that you want to keep your clothes on. Without a great friend to grab your arm and pull your shirt back down over your stomach and take you back to the hotel room for a nap, sometimes you make mistakes.

Someone needs to pull Amanda Bynes’ shirt back down. She can be whatever kind of person she wants to be and express it however she wants in her life, but maybe she needs to leave the media behind for a little while. At the very least, she needs some decent people watching out for her.

* For some strange reason, she’s never “Amanda” and she’s never “Bynes.” She’s always “Amanda Bynes.” Like the reverse-Madonna.


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