People have begun to see our property as public

I don’t know why, but all of a sudden people feel the need to pull
into our driveway and clip flowers or whatever. And on Saturday my
brother about lost his mind because a white Ford pickup truck did a
slo-mo ride through our driveway as they scoped out our yard.

Seriously, the guys actually came back and asked my dad if they could
have our wheelbarrow. WTF? And if he hadn’t been standing there,
there’s no doubt they would have just taken it.

So I’m already starting to feel creeped out about strangers hanging
around. Then today I was out past my flowers and thus out of view from
the road. A guy in a red Dodge pickup drove real slow through the
driveway checking out the house. And when I popped up–I could hear
his diesel engine–he drove off quick.

It’s really upsetting me. I’m starting to feel as though one day our
house is going to be robbed or I’m going to catch someone breaking in
and end up murdered. These people don’t even care that I have dog,
probably because he doesn’t bark a whole lot.

Don’t people understand how creepy it is to drive through someone’s
property with no explanation? I mean, I don’t want to be on the news
for shooting someone, even if it was to protect myself :/

2 thoughts on “People have begun to see our property as public

  1. can’t say that i know what you mean as such (particularly the gun part round here unless you’re a farmer and its a shotgun not much chance of having a weapon!) however although i don’t have a nice drive with flowers we do have a dinky little carpark out front of our cul de sac that we share with four others and as we’re right in the centre of town cheap bastards like to park in our carpark to save on the on street parking charges. Made more annoying by the very obvious “residents and guests only” sign!! I like to challenge them if I see them with a “can I park in your drive/parking space at your house?” because that is what they are doing to us! People hey – nowt queer as folks!

    • I was just spouting off 😛 But no, it’s aggravating because our driveway is a loop. So people cruise through slow-mo right next to the house and halfway through our yard. It’s kind of freaky because they could jump out and rob the house or garage and just drive off without having to turn around or anything.

      I used to live in a condo that had one of those small covered car parks. It was always annoying to find someone parked in my spot, especially when it was raining.

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