What’s up, buttercup? A life update

I’ve been trying to write, but I’ve probably only written 1000 words in the past several hours. It’s kind of aggravating, because I keep grinding away, trying to write. It’s not going well.

I was kind of happy because my brother let me use his bluetooth dongle (dongle!) and I’ve been able to use my new keyboard. It’s been working great and I’ve been having a lot of fun lounging on the couch typing from clear across the room. It’s like magic, or technology. Someday I plan to have a big screen mounted on my bedroom wall and I’ll do all my writing from my bed, where I’ll gain several hundred pounds because for some reason I can’t stop eating! Seriously, I’ve been eating the heck out of some food, and even though I keep telling myself to stop, I’ve been getting hit with craving on top of craving.

I’m going to have to do some exercising tomorrow or I’m not going to be able to fit into my pants anymore, and how awful is that.

-I edited some on Allies & Enemies, and it’s coming along great. Here, have an excerpt: rated Teen+ for language (the F-word, and the B-word.)

“Son of a motherfucking BITCH!” Warrick braced his feet and tried to wrench himself free, but it felt more as though his hand was going to be ripped off first. The hot water steadily rising up past his shoulders made him blink his eyes furiously at all the steam and kept him from being able to freeze the manacle. There was a good chance he was going to drown, and that seriously pissed him off.

It was just supposed to be a routine patrol. He would fly around, take a quick look at what was happening in the city, and he’d be back in time to help Vereint panic and rip their already immaculate apartment to pieces. Then he’d spotted a strange glinting light from the air and he hadn’t spared a second thought about dropping down to check things out.

He was regretting not calling it in. That was the kind of mistake that got newbies killed.

Warrick still wasn’t completely sure about what had happened. He’d approached the building, then there was a fiercely bright light strobing in his eyes and everything shut down. He thought he might have had a seizure or something from the way his arm and leg muscles felt and how his jaw ached from clenching.

He’d woken up in some kind of cylindrical concrete tube structure that had to be at least two stories tall, his right hand manacled to the wall. He’d received a jolt of electric current that left him pissing himself when he’d tried to freeze and break the metal. It had seared through his whole body and he’d bitten his tongue as he jerked around uncontrollably.

He’d been in too many battles to care too much about the loss of bladder control. That kind of thing happened, and he’d developed a thick skin about embarrassment versus survival. Survival always won.

He was still wearing his uniform, so that was a plus, but his utility belt and any hidden weaponry had been taken. It gave him a sick feeling that maybe he was facing someone that knew him and how he operated. Someone that wouldn’t hesitate to kill him.

He’d been trying to physically rip himself free when the boiling hot water had started gushing in from spouts that had slid open in the walls. His metability had allowed him to cool the area around his body, though he didn’t dare stretch his powers out too far, not after that second, even worse jolt of electricity. It made him think that someone was watching his torment, probably getting their rocks off.

The water rose up past his chin and he tilted his face back, staring up at the round light glaring down at him from the ceiling. He could die here and Vereint would never know what had happened to him.

The thought of Vereint crying and grieving and ripping the world apart to find his body made Warrick have to blink back furious tears of his own. He’d never been afraid of dying, but he did fear leaving Vereint alone.

“Who are you?” he demanded. “What do you want from me?”

There was no answer. The water just rose higher, brushing against his lower lip teasingly.


-I’ve also been working on Paradigm Shift and there will be updates.


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