I need to put my LJ icons in a more findable place :/

I don’t have to break them out very often, but whenever I do I’d like to be able to find them easily. As it is, I have to search through all my folders and dig around and it’s just a complete waste of time.

If I remember correctly, they’re in a folder that ended up in a weird place when I change computers and Windows decided to rearrange all my shit. Which I still, even now, don’t know why they have to do every single time they upgrade or whatever.

You’d think my fucking preferences would tell Windows that I want my folders a certain way. You don’t have to rearrange the data tree every single time. It’s stupid, especially considering it’s always the same basic setup, just with different icons. No love for that.

So anyway, I’m scouring through my whole computer once again, trying to remember where those icons ended up. I just thought they’d be perfect for Disqus, as they’re 100×100 px.


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