My tweets

  • Thu, 13:40: When ur company has a 200% profit margin, why be evil? “Chicago Retail and Fast-Food Workers Strike For Living Wage”
  • Thu, 13:43: If France has it for everyone, why don’t we? “France Legalizes Gay Marriage, Gay Adoptions”
  • Thu, 14:29: I was like “I’m getting hungry” but I already ate
  • Thu, 15:27: Paradigm Shift 31 (ch 8)
  • Thu, 19:41: Geez @CNN, Boston was terrible, but the guy was caught. Why are you trying to burn this horror into ppls brains? It’s morbid as hell
  • Thu, 19:42: Like 900 hours of victim interviews and supposition. When I switch on the news I want to see, I don’t know, NEWS.
  • Thu, 19:43: And they wonder why their ratings are in the toilet. Because they pick one subject and just keep going & going, gnawing at it like rats
  • Thu, 20:49: You know what’s disgusting? Someone cutting their toe nails in the living room. What the hell, sicko?Then you don’t even wash your hands? 😦
  • Thu, 20:49: I need to get rich quick so I can get my own place. Being a homeless vagabond gets old real fast
  • Thu, 21:22: Are The Killers still popular? I still listen to some of their stuff,but they’ve been on my playlist forever (I don’t change it like at all)

  • Thu, 21:22: RT @flexibeast: Since Freedman and her supporters insist on the label ‘prostitute’ rather than ‘sex worker’, i insist on labelling them ‘do…
  • Thu, 21:28: Fox News can choke on a dick. “Fox News Wonders If Poor Kids Should Work For Free Lunches”
  • Thu, 21:29: If there’s that much concern about teaching kids responsibility, then ALL the kids should clean up & work for it. Not single out the poor
  • Thu, 21:31: Then again, that means some cafeteria worker or janitor will be out a job. Then *their* kid will need a free lunch and it’s a vicious circle
  • Thu, 22:29: Hannibal is like watching Criminal Minds while knowing that Hotch is going to turn into a cannibal serial killer in the next 5-10 years.
  • Thu, 22:37: “You will feel fine. Right up until the precise moment when you don’t.” #Hannibal
  • Fri, 00:32: Whenever I post something somewhere, the longer it takes for someone to respond, the more I start thinking that everyone hates me
  • Fri, 00:33: And that’s completely ridiculous, bc they don’t know me enough to hate me. I am less than nothing on the windshield of that person’s life.
  • Fri, 00:34: And still I spend hours biting my nails about it and obsessively refreshing the page. OCD’s a bitch man. Srsly.
  • Fri, 02:02: Paradigm Shift 32

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