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  • Sun, 15:07: RT @kayelleallen: New Books Every Day (Rated R) is out! ▸ Top stories today via @HarperKingsley0 @KaraAshleyDey @sha
  • Sun, 15:11: Maybe I think I’m a supervillain
  • Sun, 15:21: I wish it wasn’t such a hardship to reorder links on LJ 😦 More automation! Better GUI!
  • Sun, 15:32: I hate trying to paste something in LJs post screen. Why the hell wouldn’t you Match Font? Srsly. Then I have to mess around w/html. WTF man
  • Sun, 15:34: And it’s nearly impossible to do anything from a tablet w/out 90% screw ups. I have small fingers & it’s difficult. Dude’s must be f’d
  • Sun, 15:40: RT @happynerdjohn: THE FOREVER KNIGHT–A Kirkus and Barnes and Noble top pick for April.
  • Sun, 15:41: Wow. I read some of the reviews, and the one bitchy person …wanted a completely different book that just happened to star those characters
  • Sun, 15:43: It’s called fanfic. And now that reviewer has a reason to write some for John Marco and The Forever Knight. Which is receiving much love
  • Sun, 15:57: RT @AleksandrVoinov: “There. A killer is born.” Graukar smiled. “And you’re the midwife,” Kendras said. #WIP
  • Sun, 15:58: Have you ever gone back and read your old posts and been like “Wow, I totally love this person”? Then you remember that it was you

  • Sun, 22:04: Do you think Scarlett Johanson is like “Before Lost In Translation & Avengers, Eight Legged Freaks was my greatest work”?
  • Sun, 22:27: What happened to Amazon? That’s so crazy.
  • Sun, 23:25: Does anyone know if WordPress is ever going to get line breaks back in the visual editor? It’s such a hassle bc I want to email my posts :/
  • Sun, 23:26: I don’t want to have to go in and manually add spaces between each paragraph. What is this, 1984?
  • Sun, 23:27: Big Brother needs to get off his ass and fix the CSS or phtml or whatever the heck it is. Total balls.
  • Mon, 01:15: Just say you don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t drag me into your stupid stuff 😡
  • Mon, 08:15: Bk4Ch2 01
  • Mon, 10:01: NOVEL: From Diamond to Coal, by Sol Crafter [mm science fiction] – Chapter Nine

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