I’ve been being bad.

I've been being bad.

I'm supposed to be wrapping up a few submissions and editing two
stories, but I've been procrastinating. I should probably be taken out
and shot (sorry to everyone waiting for book two!) but still, slow and
steady wins the race. Hopefully.

Then on top of everything, L.J. LaBarthe was so awesome she sent me a
copy of "The Body On the Beach." I'll email my thanks tomorrow (I'm in
bed now Swyping on my Kindle. I should probably load my email account
on this thing instead of just having everything forwarded, but I
barely got it to do this.)

I already read a few pages, then I forced myself to put it down. It
will be my treat for *after* I get all my work done ;_;

-Allies & Enemies is pretty shocking, btw. Not shocking bad, but
shocking in how I was willing to treat my characters. My fingers are
crossed that people are going to like it.

Vereint and Warrick are so totally in obsesso-crazo love with each
other, seriously. Plus there's a lot of the characters from Heroes &
Villains and Vereint is pretty bad ass. Like whoa.

-Harsh Buzz has blown the seams out of its outline, so I had to
rescript everything D: I dread having to ask for an extension, but I
very well might have to. I'm a perfectionist, and I'm sorry, but my
submitted version is as close to print ready as possible. (I take a
much different approach than for fic or beta reads. With those I'm
just like, "Here, from my brain to you. Enjoy!")

HB kind of wrecked itself by not checking itself. I.e., the story
decided to change itself because sexy vampires are jerks. And
Charlemagne wanted to play too.

-Then there's DA/F4. Supposed to be an epic, but now barely passed the
3000 word minimum. It's my fault because I'm not as familiar with the
characters as I used to be.

I could try to wing it, but buttons to bows, someone will totally call
me on it. Then I'll feel like a jerk and there will be much wangst and
crying and my other LJ will be filled with many woes long past the
point anyone cares.

It's a vicious cycle of discontent and I don't know why I volunteer
for this kind of misery. Seriously, this is my last big bang. No more.

-Go read From Diamond to Coal http://www.kimichee.com/free-reads/sol-crafter and tell me
why no one likes it. What is the deal?

Do people just not enjoy mm superscience romance? Is it because I
started in the future, then switched to the past? If that's the case,
start with Chapter Three and it reads like a contemporary romance. All
sleek and linear.


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