My tweets

  • Mon, 00:05: I wasn’t too sure about #Triberr w/some of the things ppl were saying, but I’ve come to really appreciate it for keeping up w/ppls shit
  • Mon, 00:09: Srs biz, I’m terrible for keeping up w/blogs. I’m too lazy to access Blogger & WP & Fb. I’m mostly on LJ, Twitter, & AO3. Sometimes MRF.
  • Mon, 00:14: So #Triberr is amazing to me. I’ve read more interesting blog posts than ever before. Shit that makes me think “I NEED to share this.” OCD?
  • Mon, 00:25: I don’t know what’s a good Tribe to join :/ I like books, movies, comics #Triberr
  • Mon, 00:27: Me and my brother are eating dried apricots. He’s reminded me like 10 times to chew them completely. He says they can swell in the stomach
  • Mon, 01:22: Have you ever been shocked when looking at someone’s blog page?
  • Mon, 04:09: Pics of Sebastian Bach, lead singer of Skid Row. “Guilty Hottie Pleasure {55}” via @KharismaRhayne
  • Mon, 07:43: This is a great post. Truly. “The Magic Bullet; or, Why Don’t My Books Sell?” by Kate Aaron via @fairkatrina
  • Mon, 08:15: Please help out. 16 yo w/severe brain trauma after an accident. “Ben’s Recovery Fund by Spencer Wolverton”
  • Mon, 09:28: Every Amazon employee spends 2 days every 2yrs working the customer service desk. “10 facts that will blow your mind”

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