Have you ever been shocked when looking at someone’s blog page?

Have you ever been shocked when looking at someone’s blog page? You’re in total Like for someone and follow their every blog post … through your blog reader. Then one day something breaks down and you end up having to go direct to the source.

And you realize your Internet crush has totally awful taste. Like so horrific you’re not sure whether you should be crying or not.

Vibrant orange flames on a black background with yellow text.
Constantly flickering gifs everywhere.
So much social media and advertising garbage that it’s blinding. (I am aware of my own faults, but I can’t help being a bit of a hypocrite. I’m trying to get my words out there, so I have to make myself accessible. What I’m talking about here is going to a blog and only being able to see the posts as a narrow strip across the page, because the rest of the space is filled up with ads and blinking things.)
That music that just seems to start up by itself even before the page has loaded and there’s no way to shut it off. (It’s bad enough that it’s blaringly loud, but I want to slap someone when it’s something completely obscene and I’m in public.)
Naked pictures everywhere. (Seriously, NAKED people. Everywhere. Sometimes I can’t help being a little curious, but mostly not my thing. And sometimes kind of gross … like I’m with my family and it’s not my computer.)
Some kind of creepy slasher vibe going. (Nothing overtly hateable, but something that just doesn’t sit right. And when my Danger Vibe is pinging, I’m already out the door.)

There’s just something so dream crushing when you’re pulled out of the Matrix and see things as they really are.

It would be so much kinder if the fantasy could remain forever and you could continue using things like the LJ Friends page or Triberr to read blogs. Because there are some things that once seen, can never be unseen. They burn their way into your brain forever and that written voice you’ve half fallen in love with will forever be tinged with the memory of your ad blocker flickering in the corner tray and way too much happening in one place at one time.


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