My dog is sick. I think he has a cold :(

My dog is sick. I think he has a cold 😦

The poor baby was so uncomfortable all day, seemingly unable to find a
place he wanted to lay down. Turned out he wanted to go to bed.
Because that’s where I found him after he snuck off.

I feel like a jerk now because I realized there was nowhere else he
could really lay down except the bed. I’m so mean, I don’t let him on
the furniture and I guess the porch was too hard for him (I sit on it
and the cold concrete doesn’t bother me, so I forget that other people
would be uncomfortable.)

I think I might make him a big body pillow with a sheet and some
stuffing material. It would be cheap, easy, and I wouldn’t feel bad if
I had to throw it away. (His last dog bed was $45. Somehow it got torn
up after he’d only had it a week. What a waste.)

I’ll just fold a sheet in half and sew the edges together after
stuffing it like a Hot Pocket. I think there’s a ton of stuffed
animals willing to make a sacrifice for a poor dog. He’s going to
enjoy lying on the porch so much.

And once I’ve got my own place and some money to spend, I’ll buy him a
baby mattress. They’re like $50, perfectly sized, and pretty sturdy
with the right cover. I could even make him a frame so there’s nothing
he can get his teeth on. It should last him a long time, now that he’s
out of the nibbly phase.


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