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  • Wed, 21:30: Oh, Richard Gere in “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.” I cried my eyes out. Such a beautiful dog.
  • Wed, 21:42: RT @Zombie_Phil: @HarperKingsley0 I much preferred the original Japanese version (since Hachigo was from Tokyo and all). Saw his statue …
  • Wed, 21:58: RT @Zombie_Phil: @HarperKingsley0 There’s this South African movie, Jock of the Bushveld. Holy crap. Blubbing like a little girl.
  • Wed, 22:03: RT @Zombie_Phil: @HarperKingsley0 That one is kinda terrible. Ends about halfway through the book. This is the great one
  • Wed, 22:08: Sometimes I choose a day 2just cry & cry.”Who’s cutting onions?” RT @Zombie_Phil: Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉 Fantastic soundtrack too 🙂
  • Wed, 22:11: Holy shizz, “Lars and the Real Girl” is on Netflix 🙂 I was just looking it up the other day and here it is. Awesome. Ryan Gosling
  • Wed, 22:17: “Hey Lars,” she says all hopefully, and he just flings the flower away. Wtf?
  • Wed, 22:17: RT @playliststory: Question: if it was technically feasible, would you prefer to be a chimera with an animal (of your choice) or have a …
  • Thu, 00:00: The Ward was an incredibly stupid movie 😦 And that ending… pshaw. Being mildly startled is not the same as being “scared.” No pie for you
  • Thu, 00:00: RT @erotic_lit: I need reviewers for Sharing Pleasures-Book 1. 18+ graphic language, graphic sex. Reply or DM. Thx!
  • Thu, 01:17: Saw Time Traveler: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I’m not sure whether I liked it or not, but it’s v interesting. Japanese movie #Netflix
  • Thu, 01:36: Why isn’t there a Goodreads search widget I can add to my Firefox bar. *researching is hard :/
  • Thu, 01:37: Like I was totally going to call Robert A. Heinlein, Robert “L” Heinlein. I don’t know why. It just happened.
  • Thu, 01:39: Fuck. Wikipedia needs to have a standard for bibliography/discography, not just whatever someone wants to put up
  • Thu, 01:42: Robert Asprin has a list of books & years right on his page as well as a separate bibliography page. Robert A Heinlein has a BOOKwade 😦
  • Thu, 01:58: RT @Spencer_Bowden: @HarperKingsley0 That is why wikipedia is useful as a starting point but never trust it as source material, and why …
  • Thu, 02:07: What was that movie where Robert Downey Jr reincarnates and finds his wife? *And OMG, is Chaplin on #Netflix?
  • Thu, 02:08: Been looking up Robert Downey Jr & maybe I’m completely high, but he just gets cooler & cooler
  • Thu, 02:10: The whole heroin thing – not so cool – but it’s awesome that he could come back from that & still be so depreciating and humor intact #RDJ
  • Thu, 02:29: Remember that Rodney Downey Jr movie where he’s reincarnated w/his previous memories intact?…

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