Thanks for reviewing

I honestly like getting good reviews. Not for some ego “Everybody’s in
love with me” Sally Fields kind of way. But just because it reminds me
of why I love certain stories.

Because I have the memory of a sieve. If something’s not shoved right
in front of me, I shift priorities and sometimes things get forgotten.
Or I start thinking no one liked the idea I had, and so I move on to
other stuff.

I’m flighty as hell. It’s kind of why my brother told me I should get
an assistant. Then when I said I couldn’t pay anyone, he was like “Why
not an intern then?”

Maybe in the future. Until then I’ll have to tough it out by myself. I
am the boss of me.

Which is terrifying and worrying and I feel all alone… Until I get a
few kind words in review form and things don’t look so bad.

Thank you for your reviews. Even if I don’t respond, I’m glad for
every single one. I’m grateful you’re in the world today. Thanks.


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