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  • Thu, 20:20: You don’t show anything on Wednesday, so you put a bunch of stuff on Continuum/BeingHuman/LostGirl/Monday Mornings night. F-you CBS. Hard 😦
  • Thu, 21:12: RT @HarmonyInkPress: To start, we’re having a sale! 25% off all Harmony Ink ebooks purchased on @dreamspinners website!
  • Thu, 21:25: I just had a weird wtf moment. Is it 007 in numbers or OO7 w/letters & number? I’ve been doing numbers forever, but he’s a Double O so… :/
  • Thu, 21:26: It’s like that time I spent an hour trying to remember the word “asparagus” or when “scuba” became a weird word in my head x_x
  • Thu, 21:50: That stupid website has gone up the list again. Why is this happening? No updates since 2005. Why won’t it just die already?
  • Thu, 21:54: Photoset:
  • Thu, 22:02: Watched that #1600Penn. It was silly, but there was some funny stuff happening. Plus Jenna Elfman has only gotten hotter with age
  • Thu, 23:24: They’ll probly dump on the Pope when he talks about the poor. “Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Erick Erickson Edition”
  • Fri, 00:53: Photoset:
  • Fri, 01:00: OMG! Watch this right now. Srs. “After Ever After – Disney parody”

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