Florentine: I think about becoming a stripper

Ft: Florentine & Rickets.

“You know, sometimes I think about becoming a stripper,” Florentine said.

“What do you mean?” Rickets asked.

“Well, it’s one of those things where if I needed the money, I could see that as being a job I might go for. As long as I remember that it’s just a job and not a lifestyle, I don’t know what would be wrong with it. I wouldn’t be having sex with anyone and I’d work somewhere where I could keep my bottoms on.”

“Whoa,” Rickets whispered. “What if your parents found out?”

“That’s one of the reasons why I’ve never done it in real life,” Florentine said. “My parents would be upset if they found out, so I would have to hide it from them. I’d have to sneak around and be all secretive.”

“Sorta like the way you hide your love of fanfiction!” Rickets cried.

“Yeah, I guess.”


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