Re: Eurotrip – where I lose my mind

This movie… oh god, this movie.

The song is subversive.
The cast is great.
The homoeroticism practically jumps off the screen.
There’s boobs and crazy European sex.
There’s that guy on the train. Oh my god, THAT GUY on the train!

Then, through all of the whacky hilarity, they end up in Bratslavia,
that place in Hostel. It was like that crazy Buffy fanfiction I didn’t
know I wanted was totally happening in front of my eyes. I was like,
“Get out of there!” with like extra squeeage.

IDEA 1: Dawn in Europe ends up taken by the baddies from Hostel and
having to be rescued by Buffy. [Eurotrip/BtVS/Hostel]

IDEA 2: Wendy is visiting Arthur (who used to be Neil) in Europe when
she is subverted on her way home. Arthur freaks out and goes after
her, possibly with Eames and the gang. They’ll have to break into some
brains to find out what happened to Wendy — whether she lives or
dies. [Inception/Mysterious Skin/Hostel] or [Inception/Mysterious


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