Another great idea: the made-to-order DVD disc. I totally love collections

You could go to a website selling digital movies and create a playlist that they could burn to a Blu-ray disc and mail to you.

I don’t know why Amazon doesn’t do it. You can create your own products (books and movies and stuff) through CreateSpace, which is a sister-company of Amazon. So why doesn’t Amazon run an account through CreateSpace so they can use the equipment, and offer different compilations of movies.

You sign into Amazon, click some movies you want to combine, and order. Amazon processes the order and you get a movie disc in the mail and you don’t have to mess around with ripping or converting or any of that crap. And you get an awesome marathon all set up.

Amazon could pay the copyright holders of the movies like they do for digital content and it would just be an added section to the contract. Maybe a slight difference in prices. It would be a godsend for independent movie makers that want to have their movies out there on hardcopy, but who don’t have the backing to pay for it. The distribution is all right there. Plus something like Amazon lists or IMDB lists would be like free pimping.

Or maybe Barnes & Noble could do it, and they have store fronts, so they could get those big machines where I could put an order in and have it burned right there. A movie making kiosk right in the middle of the store. Or at the very least they could have book kiosks.

I love going into Barnes & Noble and sipping coffee while I browse around. But they don’t have a lot of the books I want. They’re my in-person shopping place, but Amazon is where I go online.

So if I could walk into Barnes & Noble and either use a kiosk or pick up a made-to-order book or movie… I would probably use them a lot more. Or if Amazon sets up a brick-and-mortar store like that… I would weep from joy. And not just because then people could buy copies of my book in paperback right from a store in fifteen minutes. It would just be a little box I tick when I publish my books for me; while for customers they just put in an order that they pay for right there, shop around for a while and hang out with friends, then come back to pick up their order and leave. It would have to be No Returns, but if someone ends up hating their compilation, they could sell it used, which would bring back some business for used things stores.

= It would be seriously awesome to be able to create an anthology of novella stories I read online and want to keep forever.

I’m totally a lover of dead tree books. I cherish them.

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