My tweets

  • Sat, 14:21: Sure, it’s flattering when you yell at me from your slow moving car window. Totally makes me want to date you :/
  • Sat, 14:22: RT @Marvel_Freshman: Can someone please ask Whedon if he’s considering a new title for The Avengers sequel, other than The Avengers 2 #S
  • Sat, 14:53: Not on Saturday ^_^ RT @karigregg: You mean you don’t run after that car full of manly “hey, baby!”s like a mindless yippy dog? O.O
  • Sat, 16:10: I’ve found that I have a fondness for robosexual!Tony Stark. Srsly, that’s hot. Tony/Kitt like whoa
  • Sat, 17:13: Does the Daily Mail not edit it’s articles at all? “Stark Trek” and Dr. Spock? Weird
  • Sat, 17:18: “Tropes VS Women In Video Games”
  • Sat, 17:24: Video gamer dudes
  • Sat, 18:34: Oh, 900 tags and no summary, author? Thank you, that’s just the kind of thing that makes me hate you. No love. From Me.

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