OMG, someone write me some Veronica fic & I’ll dedicate a book to you #BetterOffTed

I love Ted Crisp in Better Off Ted because he’s trying so hard to be good, yet he works for a soulless corporatioin and he has a drive to win. He’s a single dad raising his daughter Rose, who is eight, and he ard to be a good dad even though he works for the Company.

I wonder what kind of guy he would be if he didn’t have Rose in his life. Would he still be the Ted trying hard to be a good guy, or would he be some chiseled evil!Ted-doll still speaking all sweet but destroying his enemies.

I think that’s why I like Veronica. She’s the perfect complement to Ted. And the way Portia DeRossi played her… muwah! I don’t think there’s anyone else in the world that could have played Veronica better. That amazing mix of over-the-top ebullience, beautiful woman, and sheer overpowering PRESENCE. That voice, that phrasing, the things she SAYS.

God, I love Veronica’s interactions with Ted the best, but I enjoy the way she is with the others. She’s BRUTAL with her honesty, while at the same time being blatantly insincere.

* After Thoughts:

– I would explode if someone wrote a Veronica in Skyfall-verse story. (I’ve recently discovered a Bond addiction. I’ve scavenged the archives for 00Q stories and I think I’ve found a completely new ship.) I already squeed over the Veronica cross with Dollhouse involving her amazing martial arts skill and DeWitte’s shoe shopper. That shit was completely perfect. Veronica’s thoughts were the greatest thing ever.

– I think I have a thing for strong women. Especially slightly-evil ones desperately seeking redemption. Smart, sexy, evil; that just slams all my buttons. It’s why Veronica is my current favorite female character. Previous choices: Xena, Seven-of-Nine, River Tam, Cameron Baum, Rommie, Willow Rosenberg. (Btw, speaking of 00Q, I loved the girl!Q/girl!Bond, still competent!Q dealing with a sociopath MI6 Double-O that has a thing on for her. It was completely them, but they were women. I love a good genderbender.)

– Ted and Veronica are amazingly pretty. Ted and Veronica are amazingly pretty people. Ted and Veronica… My fave het pairing. I wish this wasn’t such a tiny fandom.

– Linda is cute to watch.


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