Goodread groups is impossibly hard for me. It makes me feel stupid :(

I got an email telling me that someone wanted to join my group (Kimichee), but when I went to Goodreads there was no Approve button or anything. I had to go back to my email and follow the link.

As anyone that knows me knows (-_-) I go through phases of verbosity and melancholy combined with OCD. I’ve got that whole magic number thing going on where I suffer from anxiety and I dread doing common everyday things like answering the phone or communicating through email. I don’t leave my house for days at a time. (I think it confuses people that know me during the up times because I’m ridiculously bouncy and upbeat. Then when I take a downturn, I get ascerbic and I can’t handle dealing with any kind of foolishness, which is like a complete switch around.)

So to not be able to just accept someone into the group on Goodreads… *sigh*


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