My tweets

  • Sun, 22:15: My brother’s being a dick. Srs, he’s rubbing my last nerve fucking raw
  • Sun, 22:17: I’m attempting to get the spell check working on my Semagic. That fucker’s not cooperating 😦 I’ve tried to load dics like 12 times
  • Sun, 22:31: Ooh, I hope #OzTGNP starts a whole new trend for Wizard of Oz stories. That trailer makes it look as fabulously over the top as Alice
  • Sun, 22:33: I can practically see how vast a world Oz is. Spread out around in all directions
  • Sun, 23:14: I’ve been reading most of my news stuff on LiveJournal. It’s so much easier to catch up thru my friends page. Anyone have an LJ RSS feed?
  • Sun, 23:36: Missed checking my email for a few days–over 600 emails. Thanks for the crazy comments folks. It’ll take me a while to respond.
  • Sun, 23:42: I hate email. If I’m given too much room to think, I put things off. It’s why I like the InYourFace nature of Twitter, AO3, and LiveJournal.
  • Mon, 00:36: I’m kind of half creating my own LJ/WordPress Client in my head. It’s a lot like Semagic…
  • Mon, 01:18: See, there’s my story Centrifical listed with the rest. It’s pretty cool ^_^ #mm

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