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  • Sun, 12:20: How dare you write this stupidly nostalgic Captain America story that made me cry? And the gang’s all there fighting Hydra? *is destroyed*
  • Sun, 14:48: I find that Tony’s self-destruct personality would most likely benefit from Steve’s presence as a BFF; Pepper is awesome bc Tony needs help
  • Sun, 14:50: Steve and Tony together would need a stabilizing influence of friends. Tony is selfish enough to gobble ppl up, while Steve is bound in duty
  • Sun, 14:53: I don’t think fanon Tony could ever survive without Pepper. She protects him from the woobies. He would always need a controlling assistant
  • Sun, 14:55: Tony runs right over ppl.Even Pepper, who stands up to him by arranging things in the background,gets blindsided a lot.He’s charming abt it2
  • Sun, 14:59: I’ve met take charge guys with car salesmen smiles before. Without the right charm to dickishness ratio, I’ve given them the boot.
  • Sun, 15:49: RT @BearBKK: “Centrifical,” by Sol Crafter #mm via @HarperKingsley0
  • Sun, 23:59: OMG! Squeeage out the whazoo. “A New Fantastic Point of View”
  • Mon, 01:20: Such a good boy

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