My tweets

  • Sat, 16:21: “Centrifical,” by Sol Crafter #mm
  • Sat, 16:31: Hurt Locker’s on FX. Not my fave movie, tho it’s well done. Off to look for Hurt Locker/Avengers fic
  • Sat, 18:43: I hadn’t seen Schindler’s List in so long. I had forgotten how powerful it is
  • Sat, 22:07: Does anyone know how to schedule a LJ post w/Semagic? There’s the queue, but I’d have to have my computer on & hooked to the Internet
  • Sat, 22:08: Semagic is my favorite LJ client. It’s been esp great since LJ changed their posting interface to the most stupid one possible.
  • Sun, 10:53: Basically, ‘Stop being selfish dicks’ “Weekly Address: “‘Congress Must Act Now to Stop Sequester'”

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