The Panic Pure: Chapter Thirteen (1)

Title: The Panic Pure
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: mm suspense thriller


All day long he had felt nervous flutterings in his stomach, but now that the moment was finally here… Danny felt completely calm. It was as though a veil of serenity had draped itself over him and nothing bad could touch him.

Marshal had shown up earlier than usual tonight so there would still be some time before dinner. They were sitting out on the back patio with a bowl of dark purple grapes between them. Olivia would have one of the maids call them in when it was time to eat.

“That sunset is amazing,” Marshal said, popping a grape in his mouth. “You have a truly great view here of the mountains and the pond. It looks like something out of a painting. Picturesque.”

“Yeah,” Danny said. “Artie helped me pick out the land. He was really choosy too. I think there were several realtors that he just completely managed to destroy.” Danny had been mildly horrified of the monster he had unleashed, but the results were magnificent enough that he’d swallowed any complaints.

“Well, he helped you make a good choice.” Danny didn’t know whether to be amused or disgusted by Marshal’s habit of talking while eating. On one hand it was gross, but on the other it was Marshal doing it.

Being able to ignore even the disgusting parts of Marshal told Danny that it must have been some kind of love. He wanted to see how far they could take it.

“Would you like to be able to see the view every day or even whenever you want?” he asked.

Marshal gave him a raised brow look. “What do you mean?” he asked.

Danny jerked his chin up and looked directly into Marshal’s eyes. He fought off his every instinct. “I’m asking if you would please move in with me?”

There was a long moment where Marshal didn’t do anything and Danny started to feel nervous, then Marshal flashed him the brightest grin he’d ever gotten. “Yes!” He blinked at his own vehemence, but never lost his grin. “I would be glad to move in with you,” he said more normally.

Danny felt his cheeks getting hot and finally had to glance down and away from Marshal’s eyes. He was just glad he’d held out that long. He’d proved how much Marshal meant to him. “Good. I can have some movers over to your place whenever you’re ready.”

“Whoa, wait.” Marshal held up his hand. “Like actual ‘movers’ movers?”

Danny nodded. “Of course.”

“So I’m not going to have to drive my raggedy boxes over myself in the backseat of my car? Other people will come and do it all for me?” Marshal sounded delighted. “That’s wonderful.”

He was so goofy in his giddiness that Danny couldn’t resist chuckling. Marshal had managed to bring laughter and joy back into his life. He hadn’t felt this generally pleased with the world since before his parents had died.

“I’m glad you’re so appreciative of the idea of movers doing all the work for you,” Danny said.

“I don’t think I’ll have them pack my things for me,” Marshal said musingly. “There might be classified documents stashed around my apartment. I’ll just have them be the ones to to do all the heavy lifting while I sip lemonade and read a fashion magazine.”

“You sound like you’ve planned this all out,” Danny said. “Should I warn them in advance?”

Marshal snorted. “Don’t do that. You’ll suck all the fun out of my first opportunity to pretend that I’m Richie Rich.” He picked up a grape in each hand and made like they were kissing or something; Danny wasn’t sure what he was enacting and didn’t want to ask. “I should borrow a dog and spray pain a dollar sign on his side.”

Danny rolled his eyes. “And who am I supposed to be in your little psychodrama?”

“You’re my Gloria Glad.” Marshal smiled, pleased with himself.

“Yeah, no.” Danny snorted amusedly. “I’ll be Richie Rich and you can be Gloria who I’ve generously moved out of the orphanage and into my mansion.”

“Ooh, are you going to come up with outfits for us so we can cosplay?” Marshal teased.

“I think I have a red sweater somewhere.” Danny tried to sound smooth, though all the flirting was making him blush all the way down the front of his chest. Even the tips of his ears throbbed with heat.

He felt giddy and his lips quirked up at the corners all on their own.


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