Paradigm Shift 26 (ch 7)

Title: Paradigm Shift
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: ParaShift
Genre: mm sci-fi


By the time dinner was over and the servers were clearing away the dishes, Gregor had worked himself into a state of silent panic. He didn’t let anything show on his face, but on the inside he had nearly given into despair. This whole situation was going to turn out badly.

“Are you all right?” Park asked, low voiced.

Gregor gave him a faint smile. “And what would you do if I said I wasn’t?” His hands were folded neatly in his lap and he refused to spin his rings or bite his fingernails. “I can’t run away from this. It is what it is.”

There was a faint furrow between Park’s brows, though he didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to.

There was a Judge interested in Gregor and the lies of his past. So either Gregor managed to smooth the situation, or he ended up on Trial. There was no other option.

Acid bubbled in Gregor’s stomach and the backs of his eyes burned, but he kept the trepidation off his face. It was the one bit of advice from his father that he’d kept to: “Never let them see you sweat.”

Reaching out, he lifted his glass of ice water and took a calming sip. He could already see Tersoe climbing to his feet and heading in his direction, a serious cast to his expression.

Gregor took the opportunity to run his eyes over Tersoe’s body, noticing that the man had gained some weight around his middle since the last time they’d met, but he still looked good. He wasn’t classically handsome, but he had a face full of personality, one that seemed to proclaim his intelligence from clear across the room. There was something appealing about him that Gregor hadn’t hesitated to explore.

But even though Rulf had been gentle and had looked at him with laughing kindness, Gregor hadn’t wanted anything more from him. They’d had some fun and agreed that what they were doing was nothing more than a casual fling between two consenting adults. It was when Gregor had looked into Rulf’s eyes a week in and saw more than he wanted that he’d known he needed to turn on his heel and run as fast as he could in the other direction. Rulf was not the man he wanted, yet he was the one that Rulf wanted.

Then the bomb that was Rulf’s identity dropped on him and Gregor had panicked. Even now, with the Heat burning through his veins, his every instinct was telling him that Rulf Tersoe was not what he was looking for. He wanted something more than just sex; he wanted mad passion and someone he could count on to have his back.

He didn’t look at Park. Just waited for his doom to reach him.


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