My tweets

  • Mon, 19:37: It’s weird when I see a screencap and rlz that someone puts their start menu on the side of their screen or across the top.
  • Mon, 19:37: I’m like “We’re too different to ever be friends!” *sob*
  • Mon, 19:39: Sometimes I go on the Stop Plagiarism community on LJ and look around. They’re like the Internet police of fandom. Keeping our stories safe
  • Mon, 22:13: Talking about blind taste tests, my dad said that if you pour Coke in both cups, ppl will say that one cup tastes better than the other
  • Mon, 22:15: My concern is the intelligence of ppl coming across a cardboard ad and table and are like “Sure stranger, I’ll try your mysterious drink”
  • Mon, 22:22: Her name’s not really Alexis, it’s actually Alexus. As in, “Instead of a Lexus, we got a baby.” *badumbump*
  • Tue, 00:00: Paradigm Shift 26 (ch 7)…
  • Tue, 01:14: Sometimes I have no idea what to say to people. My mind just goes completely blank… then I blurt out something completely inappropriate :/
  • Tue, 01:58: I’m sorry I haven’t followed you back lj person, but I don’t understand Russian and I’m not sure what your journal is all about.
  • Tue, 01:59: I tried Google translate and it came out complete rubbish. Still, enjoy my journal and I love you and would like to hear from you ^_^

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