I love spicy tofu. It's incredibly simple to make and is nearly impossible to mess up. It tastes great with rice.

My biggest problem making it is not eating it all before the meal.

firm tofu
soy sauce
hot red pepper
garlic powder
sesame oil

diced green onion
bonito (Hon-dashi)

Slice tofu into thin pieces about a centimeter thick. I usually just cut the rectangular tofu in half the long way, then slice from there. Gives lots of pieces.

Splash soy sauce to coat the bottom of a large bowl. Add a couple drops of sesame oil—remember, a little goes a long way and the flavor can be overpowering. Sprinkle some garlic powder to your particular taste. Kind of swish the bowl around to mix. (This is the point to add bonito if you want some added flavor, or otherwise leave it vegetarian.)

Add a layer of tofu slices. Sprinkle with soy sauce. Don't go too heavy, just get some on there. Add another layer of tofu and sprinkle with soy sauce. Keep on layering until all the tofu is in the bowl. (You can sprinkle a couple pinches of diced green onion between each layer.)

Sprinkle garlic powder and add hot red pepper to taste (don't add too much or it will either be too spicy or you'll end up making yourself sick.) Sprinkle with soy sauce. Tip the bowl—there should be enough soy sauce that you can scoop it up with a spoon and pour it over the tofu.

You want to keep on spooning until all the tofu is coated. Taste the sauce and add more garlic, red pepper or bonito then spoon to mix everything.

Cover and put in the refrigerator for at least an hour to marinate. Go through every now and then to carefully flip the tofu so the bottom pieces are on top and spoon the soy sauce over the tofu.

Layer the tofu in a saucepan and spoon on the marinade between each layer and over the top. Cook on medium-high heat until heated all the way through and most of the sauce is gone. Only flip a few times so the tofu won't crumble. You can sprinkle some green onion on the top before serving.

Eat with rice.

> You can also leave it uncooked and it's still delicious.

Mix the marinade together without the red pepper in a large bowl. Add 1/2 a can of Coca-Cola (it will make the meat incredibly tender), black pepper, diced onion, green onion, and shredded carrot.

Add either whole steaks or slices of steak. Mix with the marinade, cover and put in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Flip at least twice.

> Saute steak slices with just a little of the sauce and serve with rice.
> Grill whole steaks or pan cook them with just a little sauce.
> Remove the sauteed steak slices from the pan. Use the leftover marinade to stir-fry vegetables (you can add a squirt of hoisin sauce or Sriracha to taste.) Add the meat back in to heat it back up. Serve with rice. Great vegetables to use: broccoli, carrot, bean sprouts, baby corn, chopped cabbage, bell peppers, mushrooms, eggplant.


10 thoughts on “CHEAP & DELICIOUS: Spicy Tofu

        • You should totally try it. It’s great when vegetable sales are happening.

          You can pickle whole cloves of garlic, whole white onions, and jalapenos in soy sauce. I usually separate them out into different jars, though my mom would do onions and garlic, or garlic and jalapenos.

          Soy sauce pickling completely changes the flavor and it’s a good way to preserve vegetables. The onions get kind of a tangy flavor without being all oniony. The garlic isn’t so overpowering and you can eat it sliced with rice. The jalapenos aren’t quite as spicy, though the soy sauce will absorb the spicy flavor.

          • LOL! I’ve never seen her shows. I only know she’s a cook from other friends.

            I’m a big fan of Asian foods, particularly regional Chinese and Korean. My favourite chefs are Marco Pierre White, Jamie Oliver, Luke Nguyen, Rick Stein and Vincent Gadan. Those guys give so many wonderful tips and advice, I’ve picked up a lot from them. πŸ˜€

          • I’ve made her garlic chicken and it was SO good. My mum bookmarked her kimchi recipe for when it’s cooler here. I didn’t know you could d/l her cookbooks, though, that’s awesome.

          • I picked up the books, though I haven’t tried making anything yet. Just from watching her videos I could see that she uses basically the same recipes my mother did and I even told her that, lol. Though I keep my kimchi vegetarian because I like it super sour to cook with pork or make kimchi pancakes ^_^

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