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  • Tue, 14:23: đŸ˜¦ “Indiana Teacher Wants Straight Prom, Says LGBT People Have ‘No Purpose In Life'”
  • Tue, 15:39: :/ RT @TheBrandonShire: DC Comics Responds to Backlash Over Hiring Antigay Writer |
  • Tue, 15:41: When I was a kid I thought Orson Scott Card wrote gay sci-fi bc there was a definite queer vibe to his writing.Then I found out he’s a hater
  • Tue, 15:44: It’s like when I was reading David Feintuch’s “The King” and was like “Ugh!” & threw it across the room. Talk about needing trigger warnings
  • Tue, 18:00: My eyes, they burn! Just read a story that has completely ruined my brain forever. Where’s the bleach?
  • Tue, 18:43: “Grab it by the crust” Okay Red Baron, exactly which part of life is the “crust” and would you want to touch it in public?
  • Tue, 19:26: Just talked to The Kid. I feel emotionally drained. I miss him so much and I’m still so angry at my Other Brother
  • Tue, 21:52: For some reason, every time someone steps close to her, I think they’re going to smack her on the face :/ #FlowerBoyNextDoor
  • Tue, 22:08: Is it weird that I’m proud all my names are always top of the Google lists? When I run an ego search, I’m always the complete first page đŸ˜›
  • Tue, 22:10: Tho there’s an awful website I made when I was 17 that I don’t have a password for & can’t get rid of.Why can’t it disappear like Geocities?

  • Tue, 22:44: Test post…
  • Tue, 23:53: I would hope that if I ever become really super famous, I would still be a cool person…
  • Wed, 00:15: I was editing the friends list on the wrong lj *headdesk* #derpaderp
  • Wed, 00:23: Do u know how f’ing hard it is to tell if I want to friend u back if your journal is completely flocked & your profile is just a picture?
  • Wed, 01:01: This RT @beckyblackbooks: That’s how I feel when someone I don’t know sends friend req on Goodreads, w/ empty profile & no books added yet.
  • Wed, 01:11: I never noticed, but the FAQ at tthfanfic is kinda snippy. There’s a certain attitude to it
  • Wed, 01:50: Lol. Then they have 900 friends RT @beckyblackbooks: Why even be on Goodreads if you never adds books to your shelves? That’s what it’s for!
  • Wed, 02:21: I can’t believe I kept reading that awful fic. I finally had to stand strong and be like “Get away from her, you fic!” Now I’m exhausted
  • Wed, 03:09: PP 03…

One thought on “My tweets

  1. Tue, 15:41: When I was a kid I thought Orson Scott Card wrote gay sci-fi bc there was a definite queer vibe to his writing.Then I found out he’s a hater

    There was such a homoerotic vibe in Ender’s Game that I was just waiting for something to happen. Then there was the Songmaster, which completely traumatized my young mind–the MC decides to have m/m sex and is struck impotent for the rest of his life. Then I read A Planet Called Treason and the dude that has homosexual feelings turns into a limb-growing mutant.

    Thinking about it, I guess there was always a homophobic vibe to OSC’s writing. Every time a character has a homosexual thought they get a bad response or if they try anything they’re immediately punished severely by their own biology or a Conditioned response imposed upon them by some higher power.

    To be honest, Songmaster was a book that left me with that aching feeling in my chest that was kind of like tears but was just basically me feeling as though I wanted to scream and rage and just lose my shit. I so wanted there to be a happy ending, but it was like the minute he admitted he had feelings for other men… his entire life turned to crap. He became the master of everything he surveyed, yet it meant nothing to him and he lived a life of unhappiness and despair. The two things he valued most were ripped away from him and he was left with nothing just because he dared to try and have sex and find love with someone. (And what happened to his sexual partner… Why? For the love of all that’s holy, WHY?)

    Anyways, I’ve come to the conclusion that OSC is a very unhappy person. He’s either spent his whole life trying to make people miserable, or he’s someone so intent on hiding his own self that he writes “what-if?” scenarios to tell himself that no matter what he wants he’s destined to be miserable if he tries for anything more than nothing. It’s pretty sad any way you look at it.

    I’d feel sorry for him if he wasn’t such a hater.

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