My tweets

  • Mon, 13:51: THAT’S a bear??? O_O; RT @baileymason06 Most animals get funnier when you shave them. Not bears
  • Mon, 13:52: I should have known from the title that you thought you were funny. You’re not.
  • Mon, 13:53: RT @BRIANMBENDIS: Colossus returning from the death by John Cassaday
  • Mon, 17:01: “The Silver Linings Playbook” paperback is $10.20, the Kindle edition is $9.99. Orly? Why do I feel like that’s a gyp?
  • Mon, 17:02: And if you’re selling your hardback copy for $63.74, you can kiss my ass :/
  • Mon, 17:07: Sorry @CNN my life sucks enough w/out you making me more depressed. Channel changed (which probly makes me a terrible person but whatevs)
  • Mon, 17:37: I’m sorry I’m not more sympathetic about your latest catastrophe, but your life seems oddly full of drama and I just don’t care :/
  • Mon, 17:41: Yoplait & Dannon are always too sweet 4me,so I take vanilla flavored yogurt & add some unsweetened baking cocoa. It’s like chocolate pudding
  • Mon, 18:36: “Science damn you, Time Child!” #SouthPark
  • Mon, 19:40: Do you ever think “We’re never giving that show any ratings so they’ll cancel it”? I do.

  • Mon, 23:14: I check this Tumblr to make sure I’m not featured on it ^_^ Not yet. “Lousy Book Covers”
  • Mon, 23:22: Oh God, please don’t let my book be on this Tumblr. Please don’t let my book be on this Tumblr…
  • Mon, 23:26: I’m sorry. I looked at your cover and just thought “Furry.” I try not to be so judgy, but sometimes it happens by itself
  • Tue, 00:03: I like how even this guy’s fantasy calls him an idiot #RobotChicken “Hey, doesn’t hot water turn Ranma back into a boy?”
  • Tue, 00:13: Did Dakota Fanning write a book? Bc my brother says she did and I said no F’ing way, then I thought about it & was rly curious. Pls & TY 😀
  • Tue, 00:15: Filling out this TV diary and I’m kind of embarrassed. It’s Cartoons, Cartoon, Cartoons, Bones, West Wing, Cartoons. :/
  • Tue, 00:19: “Things are going too slowly. We should get married.” “Quiet, I’m making out with a floozy!” #Futurama
  • Tue, 00:31: Is that Billy West’s baby w/the crushinator, or is that Bender’s? He had a little sumthin sumthin the last time they met #Futurama

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