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  • Tue, 13:20: The word is Look. “Look! A Writing Challenge! ‘Geoff’s Teddy’ by Havan Fellows” #mm via @HavanFellows
  • Tue, 14:06: Paradigm Shift 18…
  • Tue, 16:29: If you like #Animaniacs they show the eps on Hub now πŸ™‚
  • Tue, 16:51: Six Sentences from “A Reflection of the Soul” by Jade Crystal #mm via @BloodandFires
  • Tue, 18:14: Is Rush Limbaugh on drugs again? Is he really saying that pedophilia is okay and that kids like sex w/adults? Creepy man… *shudder*
  • Tue, 18:22: Dafuq? “Rush Limbaugh: Left will ‘normalize’ pedophilia like it did gay” marriage
  • Tue, 19:22: Me & my brother almost got in2 a shouting match about gun stuff. News media, can we jst table the gun discussions? You’re giving me an ulcer
  • Tue, 19:23: The world seems like a better place when you don’t give a fuck about other people. Just sayin’
  • Tue, 19:52: #ShutterIsland is one of those snakey movies that crawls into your brain like an insect pulling your strings. Powerful, but great movie
  • Tue, 20:10: Is Lean Cuisine actually better, or do you lose weight bc they only give you a tiny bit of food? I realize it’s less sodium, but… :/


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