My tweets

  • Mon, 19:27: I love when Cartman said that. “They mostly come out at night. Mostly” Or when he plays “Lambs” with Bebe #Aliens #SouthPark
  • Mon, 19:31: My brother: “If I say ‘Run’ and you say ‘Huh,’ you’ll be talkin’ to yourself.” If an #Aliens situation ever happens. Thanks bro!
  • Mon, 19:42: Just being in that tube for filming, I’d be like “Ahh!” It would be so hard to breathe #Aliens
  • Mon, 19:57: Is coconut like 100% calories bc dark chocolate Mounds are 230 calories for two pieces O_O; #candy
  • Mon, 19:59: My brother: “See, this is where Paul Reiser lost his career cos nobody liked him” XD #Aliens
  • Mon, 20:27: “Get away from her you BITCH!” Best line ever. Sigourney Weaver could call me a bitch & I’d call that a win #Aliens
  • Mon, 20:28: Bees make honey and eat the honey. So since #Aliens don’t seem to have any food supply… is there like alien honey out there somewhere?
  • Mon, 20:50: Lol ? RT @BRIANMBENDIS: ‘Deport Piers Morgan’ Petition Creator Goes Ballistic In Faceoff W/Morgan via @nikkifinke
  • Mon, 21:08: Squee! “Sometime this fall” πŸ˜€ β€˜S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Pilot is Underway – Joss Whedon in the Director’s Chair –
  • Mon, 21:09: #Mama looks f’ing scary. Whoa #movie

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