Paradigm Shift 15

Title: Paradigm Shift
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: mm science fiction
Rating: mature

Being trapped in a close space with a First was doing strange things to Gregor, and eroding his self-control was the least of it. He felt feverish one moment, then he was racked with chills the next, and throughout it all, Park smelled better and better.

He could hear Park breathing in the darkness, the sound reverberating loud in his ears, and with every exhale he felt a jolt go through his lower belly. His skin felt like it was crawling with sweat and every single hair on his body felt sharp, like blades rubbing against the inside of his clothes, vibrating back through his flesh and making him want to scream.

Gregor wrapped his arms tight around himself and tried to press himself as far away from Park as he could manage. He hugged his knees to his chest and tried to ignore his half-hard penis and the way it was dribbling pre-cum into his shorts.

If he'd been alone he would have jerked himself off and had it over with, but he wasn't alone and he didn't trust himself. Not when crazy thoughts were blaring through his brain telling him how wonderful Park was and how great it would be if he just gave himself up to "the big strong First."

The minute he started thinking that having a kid wouldn't be so bad as long as he got to have sex, he knew he was losing it.

"This sucks," he whispered hoarsely. He was so thirsty, but there was nothing to drink. He felt as though all of the moisture was being sapped out of his body and there was nothing to replace it.

"Are you all right?" There was a thread of concern running through Park's usually emotionless voice.

Gregor huffed a weak laugh. "Probably not," he said, "but there's nothing for it. We're here until we're not here anymore. I can deal."

With the darkness to hide him, he didn't hesitate to dig his front teeth into his knee and bite down, the pain bringing a little bit of himself back. There was sweat trickling into his eyes, so he closed them.

He wanted so much to reach out and grab Park, to press him to the floor and kiss him. He wanted to touch every bit of Park, to roll over him until his Scent was everywhere and everyone knew that Dylan Park was *his*.

This early in his heat, Gregor was experiencing the first flush of arousal. It made him more pliable for when his body started cranking out pheromones and he started attracting stray Firsts. By the time they were crawling all over themselves to please him, he would be so far gone he wouldn't be able to do anything more than say "Okay."

That's what he hated the most: The lack of control.

He wouldn't have the will to make a sane decision for himself. His biology would decide who the most viable partner for him was. And considering how he could feel himself almost being *dragged* toward Park, it wasn't going to be the Duadenora the Family had chosen for him.

It was going to be a giant mess, he just knew it.


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