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  • Sat, 23:41: I’m excited about “Riddick,” but I’m gonna be pissed if it Joss’ all my favorite Riddick fanfic :/
  • Sat, 23:45: You know what’s a movie I totally recommend for anyone? #GalaxyQuest. Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shalhoub, Sam Rockwell, Tim Allen
  • Sun, 00:09: Lol. Alan Rickman: Keeping It Classy RT @aspeed: I don’t think he slummed it like Oldman. He can be proud of that.
  • Sun, 00:10: RT @AndrewArdizzi: @BleedingInkProd only has a few days left to raise another $2000. Please help them meet their goal!
  • Sun, 00:11: Link to a small excerpt from “The Wretched” by BL Morticia #mm via @rawiyamikembl
  • Sun, 00:11: To be honest, I was totally into Oldman as Sid Vicious @aspeed He was like early Spike to me 😛
  • Sun, 00:18: He was so funny. He’s an underrated actor. He was great in Moon RT @kevdillon316: Rockwell steals that film though. He’s brilliant.
  • Sun, 00:23: I hope aliens are building the real Enterprise right now. Then we’ll throw Shatner at them when they come to take Picard #Trap #GalaxyQuest
  • Sun, 00:28: “They’re not all historical documents. Surely you don’t think that Gilligan’s Island…” “Oh, those poor people” #GalaxyQuest
  • Sun, 00:33: “Hey, don’t open that! Is there air?!?” *sniff, sniff* “Seems okay.” #GalaxyQuest

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