My tweets

  • Wed, 18:54: On my Conqueror, bk 5 in The General. He ate some bannock & I had to look it up. Thought to share 🙂
  • Wed, 21:05: Check out Google’s Little Red Riding Hood thing. Cute & somewhat interactive
  • Wed, 21:34: 4the rest of his career,George Lucas has worked 2bury Wookie Life Day.Thank u Youtube, u have enriched mai life 😛
  • Wed, 23:37: Expect a bunch of updates to catch up w/the dates for “Tales of Wunderland.” Writing kid stories is hard ^_^;
  • Thu, 00:43: Made a new cover for From Diamond to Coal: Arc One. Waiting for it to show up on Amazon, probly tomorrow 🙂
  • Thu, 01:16: Sometimes Google just logs me in, or maybe it’s Facebook logging me in everywhere. It startles me when it happens…
  • Thu, 01:17: but I get annoyed when it doesn’t. Having to stop and log in somewhere gets me all frazzle bedazzled. I’m complicated ppl 😛
  • Thu, 01:18: Scrubs just keeping getting funnier and funnier to me. Thank you legalization. You completely changed my world
  • Thu, 01:23: I love Elliott on Scrubs. That’s the girl you marry and you never get bored. Even when you want to
  • Thu, 01:27: The only character I rly hate on Scrubs is The Janitor. He’d be fired in real life. His character didn’t have to be so over the top EVIL

  • Thu, 01:32: I don’t like that “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” show. That scatalogy is not my thing, but my sister swears by it #WTFBbq
  • Thu, 01:39: I didn’t know they had Scrubs on Netflix! I’ve just been watching it on TV & thought to do a search. Yay!
  • Thu, 01:49: I love the whole door penny thing. Scrubs ties it all together well. Tho what the heck is squirting out of her stomach?
  • Thu, 01:56: He just says “Okay, he’s dead,” he doesn’t check it himself? That’s how ppl wake up in the morgue
  • Thu, 02:01: JD’s the guy who needs constant reassurance.That’s the kind of thing I love to watch.
  • Thu, 02:05: I read some great Scrubs fic back in the day.
  • Thu, 02:47: .@Netflix only has the first ten episodes of Scrubs. Really? Don’t you know I need them all!

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