My tweets

  • Tue, 19:28: Faizel cover. ???
  • Tue, 19:46: A reviewer for PanicPure told me the story creeped her out,but she keeps reading. I’m proud of the liking, but I don’t want to scare ppl. Hm
  • Tue, 21:16: This is the other Faizel cover.I think I’m going ahead w/the word one.I still have no idea what these alien flowers are
  • Tue, 23:07: Hey applesauce companies, any thought about making an adult-sized single serve portion? Those little tiny cups are ridonk
  • Tue, 23:12: Sometimes I fantasize about grinding up my vitamins and snorting them off a prostitute’s back. Just sayin’
  • Tue, 23:23: Don’t worry. I get that response a lot 😛 RT @DarienMoya: I don’t even know how to respond to that
  • Wed, 00:18: Poisonous and non-poisonous berries and seeds.

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