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  • Tue, 02:07: I’ll give step-by-step instructions on how 2do something, they’ll look at me blankly, time will pass & nothing will get done. Then trouble
  • Tue, 02:08: Holiday Author Interview: “Kayla Jameth” via @KharismaRhayne
  • Tue, 02:10: Maybe while I think I’m speaking clearly, I’m rly rambling on like I did when I tried 2explain Firefly to my brother. Am I that airhead D:
  • Tue, 02:13: Not only that airhead girl, but also the one that gets flustered & pops off w/some weird life anecdote out of nowhere. I’m that girl too
  • Tue, 02:17: I think I poured a shit ton of my existential whackjobbery into The Panic Pure. Then there’s Nicholas in A2D :/
  • Tue, 02:20: I think I’m just in a hurt/comfort sort of mood, bc that’s a lot of what I’ve been writing. Even Faizel kinda too, tho he’s soulless evil
  • Tue, 03:01: I completely fokking love Jayne! In the course of an ep, he’s always the funniest one #Firefly
  • Tue, 03:09: .@Zombie_Phil: “Fully agree!” I’m watching the Jaynestown ep. I love his song 😀 #Firefly
  • Tue, 03:13: “He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor. Stood up to the man and gave him whatfor. Our love for him now aint hard to explain…”
  • Tue, 03:16: This is funny! I love it w/the Shepard’s hair and River. Lol. Also loved Zoe’s response: “Whoa” #Firefly

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