Sitting on street corners was something she’d thought she would never
have to do again. Yet here she was. At least it was for a far more
innocent reason than ever before. It actually made her laugh a little.

She was a different kind of girl than she had started out as, and she
was kind of proud of that.

Knife had grown from a hard-faced girl to the kind of woman she had
always wanted to be. Strong and independent and not having to kill to
survive. It was everything she had dreamed of.

Her phone rang in her pocket and she took it out. “Deranga,” she answered.

“Miss Deranga, this is Clive Peters. The car should be on it’s way. I
apologize for the inconvenience you’ve faced.”

Knife sighed. “It’s fine. I just want to leave this place as soon as
possible.” She hated dealing with incompetence, but saw no reason to
lose her self-control on someone that couldn’t do anything. Though she
thought she might have a word with Julianna when she saw her.
* * *
There was no reason to be so nervous, but she couldn’t help herself.
Someone had screwed up and Knife had been left waiting. And an
impatient Knife was one that liked to… play.

It was a horrifying thought.

Julianna cradled her cup of herbal tea and sighed. A visit from her
father’s favorite enforcer was never the best of things, but with the
pregnancy she found that it was harder to control her emotions.

Dread pooled in her belly. Why had her father sent Knife now? What was
he planning?

For about the thousandth time she wished the boys were back. She just
didn’t feel up to handling things on her own.

She was lying on the couch supposedly resting, but her thoughts spun
in concentric circles. Around and around until she was sick from

Han Dubak was a devoted husband and father. He had lavished her with
attention when she was a child and had always been the kind of man to
carry pictures of his family in his wallet, ready to be displayed at a
moment’s notice. He was also the head of a powerful criminal
syndicate, The Trinity of Tears.

She didn’t like to think of her beloved “daddy” ordering people beaten
or murdered, but she had always been a realist. And Knife was the
weapon he used most often.


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