FAIZEL: Prince Lucian

Prince Lucian

The first time Lucian met Jenny he was instantly enamored by her strength and beauty. She was completely arresting even from clear across the room, her fiery red hair rippling around her shoulders in waves, glinting with darker color.

Her skin was smooth and fair with only a slight sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Her lips were pouty and full, her chin a doll-like curve. She should have been delicate, a vulnerable young woman not just in her looks, but her actions as well. Only one glimpse of her hard green eyes dispelled the notion before it could fully form.

Her voice when they were introduced wasn’t the girlish thing he was expecting, but a harsh and sexy growl. He could see the scars on he neck where someone had gotten too rough and crushed her trachea, damaging her voice box. She had a history of pain. He wanted to know more.

There were small, faded marks on her hands where her flesh had been nicked and cut and larger patches where her knuckles had broken through the skin with the hard impacts of her fists striking targets. The parts of her arms revealed by her dress were lean but strong with muscle and the flex of her thighs made him shift in place with sudden arousal.

It wasn’t quite love and it wasn’t completely lust, but he was definitely fascinated. And when she rejected his first advances, he knew he had to have her.

Prince Lucian set himself to pursue Jenny Deacon and make her his own.

(He saves the option of breaking her as a last resort. But it’s there.)

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