My tweets

  • Wed, 15:13: Haha, that’s cute. I need the tee shirt ๐Ÿ˜› RT @DaniDenatti: I just love science humor!
  • Wed, 15:24: Why aren’t you reading this again? It’s free & it’s awesome. “Worm” Superhuman webserial, updates Tuesdays & Saturdays
  • Wed, 15:46: What happened 2the msg of Bambi:”If u don’t have anything nice 2say,don’t say anything at all.Esp on the Internet if u plan on being famous”
  • Wed, 15:57: Spongebob must take place in the water beneath the Bikini Islands :p
  • Wed, 15:59: Explains so much about the weird creatures living in Bikini Bottom. “Bikini Island” (Atomic bomb)
  • Wed, 16:05: It explains so much. RT @Zombie_Phil: And all the characters are freaks resulting from the nuclear testing.
  • Wed, 16:06: RT @Oeming: Josh Medors did this Mice Templar pin up for @bjlg recently  Thank you Josh, rest well.
  • Wed, 16:08: RT @Zombie_Phil: No to remakes! RT @NerdistNews: It looks like CharlizeTheron will star in a U.S. remake of Park Chan-wook’s #SympathyFo
  • Wed, 16:20: Fatheads freak me out bc you know someone has made a Porky’s style Glory Hole out of JJ Watt :/
  • Wed, 16:30: I love the Hannibal one. Probly cos I’m a David Drake fan. “If Autocorrect Existed Throughout History”
  • Wed, 22:26: My dog keeps peeing on the floor! I’m about to lose my mind.
  • Wed, 23:28: This dude’s weird. He’s filming his dog giving birth like it’s his wife. They don’t have therapists in Taiwan ๐Ÿ˜› #FatedToLoveYou
  • Wed, 23:29: Sorry, but I don’t quite get Taiwanese humor. Still, it’s v entertaining. Cannot stop watching; I’m kinda scared #FatedToLoveYou
  • Wed, 23:32: This is a little bit like a Jerry Springer story told live. I sometimes watch it w/the sound off #FatedToLoveYou
  • Wed, 23:36: The scene where Grandma’s watching the video w/Anson…like they’re watching kdrama
  • Wed, 23:37: Bum bum bum, he just realized his gf is a bitch. But I’m imagining her w/a rly epic backstory #FatedToLoveYou
  • Wed, 23:43: *Spoiler* This isn’t shit u can ever forgive.She tried 2kill the baby ๐Ÿ˜ฆ #FatedToLoveYou
  • Wed, 23:44: What if he’d been that heartless; Xin Yi couldn’t take the chance. She rly loved that baby ;_; #FatedToLoveYou
  • Wed, 23:48: I wish Cun Xi had just shown Xin Yi how much he loved her. He was hard to read. She’s his big regret. Fingers crossed #FatedToLoveYou
  • Wed, 23:50: He’s such a crazy stalker. But he’s so earnest and doesn’t realize he’s ridiculous



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