A2D update. NaNo NaNo. Maybe I’m falling a little in love with Julianna.

Across Two Divides is coming along. Decided to add some drama to the start of Chapter Eight. That’s how I roll.

“You don’t need to say word one to my husband,” she said.

“But Mrs. DeLongeria, he will be very upset if we try to keep this from him.” Michael Holburn was filled with the jittery energy of a man that knew he was about to face painful execution at the hands of his employer. He’d dropped the ball and knew it; she’d nearly died.

“I will tell him myself. Don’t worry about it,” Julianna said. It took her a moment to realize that she was compulsively wiping her hands on her slacks, fisting and wrinkling the fabric. She forced herself to stop, forced her hands to be still and stop trembling. “He’s very busy right now and we handled the situation. I’ll tell him myself when he comes home. There’s no reason he needs to cut his trip short.”

Holburn gave her a doubtful look, but there must have been something in her expression that kept him quiet. “Yes, ma’am,” was all he said.

Julianna walked over to the couch and carefully lowered herself down. “Get out now. I don’t want to see you for the rest of the day. Just… have someone bring me a cup of tea.”

She waited until his footsteps faded away and there was the click of the door closing. Then… then she allowed herself to fall apart, just a little bit. Just enough.

She rested her hand on her baby swollen belly and lowered her chin against her chest as the first quietly desperate sob escaped her throat.

They’d almost died.

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