My tweets

  • Fri, 13:49: Since Twilight fanfic is become a mainstream legal thing… I guess I better publish my Smallville time travel CLex romance fic #YeahNo
  • Fri, 18:51: The movie #Overboard disturbs me. I’d have his ass in jail so fast… What an awful man 😦
  • Fri, 18:58: He’s such a jackhole he can’t even show her how to use the washing machine or anything? #Overboard
  • Fri, 19:05: Wow, that was some PhotoShop fail before PhotoShop even existed #Overboard The 80s brick phones keep making me laugh
  • Fri, 23:05: Dude, your story *more* than broke the Fourth Wall, it completely obliterated it, then gave the wreckage the finger… hard-style
  • Sat, 10:14: Please Support our campaign to #PreventChildAbuse by Donating Your Tweet here Join us & be heard #DT @helpspreadthis

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