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  • Thu, 22:47: Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle grew up to look like the guy from MadTV O_O;
  • Thu, 22:54: Guest Post at Pants Off Reviews: “Into its Depth: Classifying the Angels of Autumn” by Joshua… via @DarienMoya
  • Thu, 23:06: Not quite what I was looking for, but I still love this cat. He’s totally killing a rat too “Gangnam Cat”
  • Thu, 23:08: Did u know they had this? Neither did I. Human MLP “Fluttershy’s Yay! human version”
  • Thu, 23:13: Is it weird that I actually rly liked this? The second half artwork “MLP Anime Opening” They’re human
  • Thu, 23:20: I’m sorry, but this rly makes me want to get my hands on some South Park doujinshi.
  • Thu, 23:21: Remember when Lily Hoshino used to make all that YuYuHakusho Kurama/Hiei doujinshi? I just lover her drawing style – super cute1
  • Fri, 00:25: I’m feeling good about my NaNo story, A2D. Posted 12K at Smashwords 🙂
  • Fri, 00:27: RT @TheADCooper: @HarperKingsley0 I still have some japanese import doujinshi of yu yu hakusho around i think…
  • Fri, 00:32: “I’ll right then…” hibbity bibbity bibbity. I’ll fix that in the next upload tomorrow.

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