My tweets

  • Sat, 15:28: 8 days left to enter & win a copy of “The Eyes of God” by John Marco. Get on that. @happynerdjohn
  • Sat, 15:29: RT @tessacardenas: @HarperKingsley0 ha. Shit watch me get in trouble on a joke. I meant you here in a relationship w/ that weird guy ove …
  • Sat, 15:40: It’s pimpin’ pimpin’. I feel like getting you a hat and cane πŸ˜› RT @tessacardenas: in my defense I simply pimped you out to someone else.
  • Sat, 15:43: Cherik is totally my new fandom. But just like BWoC I just read it & lurk around. Still, if you’re a ficcer, I do accept trades ^_^
  • Sat, 15:52: Totally getting yelled at right now. It makes me feel sick in my stomach when someone’s all in my face 😦
  • Sat, 16:02: Is this what’s needed to make a Twitter widget for WordPress? #helpermonkey
  • Sat, 16:14: πŸ™‚ I should have that made into a tee shirt. RT @tessacardenas: people are stupid. This is why I don’t have any friends.
  • Sat, 16:21: RT @thedaisyharris: My new hero is a native Seattleite and his superpower is righteous indignation.
  • Sat, 16:26: Loading up #28DaysLater Brace yourself for zombie awesome. If you own the movie, you have 5 mins to watch with me πŸ™‚
  • Sat, 16:32: *cackle*I’m waiting4 Zombie Twilight 2come out.Romance! RT @engineerqueen: *shivers* you are on your own there. Zombie’s freak me the F out.
  • Sat, 17:19: Take one larger bucket & put a smaller bucket inside. Pee in the big bucket, cover w/plastic sheeting. (1/2) #28DaysLater
  • Sat, 17:20: Add a small rock on top of the plastic. Condensation rises up, drips down off the plastic in2 the catcher as pure water (2/2) #28DaysLater
  • Sat, 17:23: Jack up the fokking car and keep going. Jack up the car and keep going… #28DaysLater “They’re here!”
  • Sat, 17:35: I could see why Frank would hesitate. Here’s these strangers getting his daughter to use drugs. Meanwhile, Infected! #28DaysLater
  • Sat, 17:49: Is that Doctor Who? #28DaysLater
  • Sat, 18:24: #28DaysLater taught me to distrust the military in the case of a zombie apocalypse. Otherwise u find urself in a red dress “Smile4 me lovey”
  • Sat, 18:28: The scariest movie I’ve ever seen probly has to be “Darkness” w/Anna Paquin. It’s like boring, boring, boring… OMG! So scared!
  • Sat, 18:47: Sometimes when I’m particularly poor, I make flour soup. You can throw the dumplings in any stock, but ->
  • Sat, 19:29: Tilapia fillets sprinkled w/garlic, pepper & onion. Drizzle w/soy sauce & bake uncovered. Great w/rice
  • Sun, 00:53: Where can we watch Mr. Belvedere? Why do they taunt us so?

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