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  • Wed, 18:20: Me too. The Hatfields & McCoys was awesome RT @happynerdjohn: I think Costner has gotten better over the years.
  • Wed, 18:20: What is wrong with Donald Trump? He just gets crazier and crazier :/
  • Wed, 18:22: Romney should release his tax records & where he’s got all his money. $10M for his church… why not? Seems like a good deal to me
  • Wed, 18:22: RT @HoneyBrooke16: Pretty wedding gowns $1000 or so. Great for beach weddings Nicole Miller Bridal
  • Wed, 18:26: Trump:”The only reason Obama won’t show his records is bc there’s something wrong.” The only reason Romney won’t show his records is bc…
  • Wed, 18:29: Have you ever been to Marie Callendar’s restaurant? They have the best soup I’ve ever eaten.
  • Wed, 18:30: RT @HoneyBrooke16: @HarperKingsley0 great for some girls to show off their curves. It’s actually very popular. 😎
  • Wed, 18:32: Do you ever get random compliments from strangers? I never know how to respond. “I rly like your shirt” Er, thnx? “Your hair is pretty” o_O?
  • Wed, 18:33: I was standing in line once and felt this weird tugging. I turned & the lady behind me was stroking & fondling my hair. I just looked at her
  • Wed, 18:38: It’s on my to-buy list. They did such a great job πŸ™‚ RT @happynerdjohn: You’re right–I loved Hatfields and McCoys.

  • Wed, 18:41: RT @DinosaurTakeout: So excited! Just got the final cut of the film @MaliaCampbell created of Dinosaur Takeout! We’ll be debuting it ver …
  • Wed, 18:51: RT @beckerjo: I’ve got the FEVER! Win a copy of ICED by Karen Marie Moning from @talksupeblog Wicked After Dark Giveaway Hop
  • Wed, 18:57: RT @JoeCaramagna: Y’know, it would really impress my wife if I reached 50 backers by the end of the night. Just sayin’.
  • Wed, 18:57: RT @LBoxGraveyard: The Silver Age histrionics of the most silvery superhero of all — the Silver Surfer!
  • Wed, 19:06: “What I gotta do to make you mine?Where should I begin my search to find any clue that you might have left behind? Baby pls give me sign…”
  • Wed, 19:08: Rain MV “Sad Tango” Original Korean
  • Wed, 19:09: Rain MV “Sad Tango” English version
  • Wed, 21:17: “Girl, you’ll be a woman soon. Love you so much can’t count all the ways I’d die for you girl, but all they can say is ‘He’s not your kind'”
  • Wed, 21:18: “They never get tired of putting me down, and I never know when I come around, what I’m gonna find. Don’t let them make up your mind”
  • Wed, 21:19: I have an unnatural fondness for Neil Diamond, The Mamas & The Papas, and Tokyo pop music. *Is v ashamed* πŸ˜›
  • Wed, 21:21: Lol RT @BRIANMBENDIS: Lincoln CANNOT catch a break.
  • Wed, 21:26: πŸ™‚ Break out any of them I’ll b dancing or singing along badly *has no groove* RT @pipervaughn: There is nothing wrong with any of that. πŸ˜›
  • Wed, 21:37: “I can’t get no satisfaction. I try, and I try, but I can’t get no satisfaction” Total prompt for a sex pollen story. Just sayin’ πŸ˜›
  • Wed, 23:13: When David Spade sang “Brother Love” on that one dog movie… *dies* πŸ™‚ RT @tracykitn: I am also a fan of Neil & the Mamas and the Papas.
  • Wed, 23:17: I enjoy the idea of an uncomplicated love. No matter the horrors of the world around, the MCs are loyal & true. They enjoy a life together
  • Wed, 23:46: I’m eating Connie Chung’s eggrolls, lol.
  • Wed, 23:50: They’re mini *lol* RT @The_Real_Arch: sounds incredibly dirty…
  • Thu, 00:01: Ppl say I’m charming… like a punch to the face
  • Thu, 00:03: πŸ˜€ They were delicious. RT @The_Real_Arch: not helping πŸ˜›
  • Thu, 00:05: Il vous aime, c’est secret, lui dites pas que je vous l’ai dit. (He loves you, it’s a secret, don’t tell him that I told you.)
  • Thu, 00:14: RT @SFXmagazine: Actress added to Joss Whedon’s SHIELD TV series cast
  • Thu, 00:16: If Eliza Dushku is in the new S.H.I.E.L.D TV show I will completely lose my shit. I love her when she’s being all BAMF #PlsJoss
  • Thu, 00:19: Phil Coulson is the hottest balding man in the history of the world.
  • Thu, 00:19: Phil/Clint forevah! (I will go down with this ship… I will not give up & surrender)
  • Thu, 00:33: Meatwad is weird. Milkshake, fries, & a big ol’ wad of meat? Sorry, if the word “wad” appears anywhere… #ATHF
  • Thu, 00:33: RT @sterlinggates: Warner has set Southland: The Complete Second, Third and Fourth Seasons for DVD release on 2/5/13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …
  • Thu, 00:36: I hate it when some site doesn’t know how to use gallery or article view. I don’t want to keep clicking thru page after page. That’s lame :/
  • Thu, 00:40: ^_^;
  • Thu, 00:53: Dave Chappelle is good when he’s acting, but when he’s just doing his stand up he always seems like he’s rly frickin’ high
  • Thu, 00:57: Sean Connery was asked to be Morpheus, but he turned the role down… How would that even have worked?!? Musta been a glitch in #TheMatrix
  • Thu, 01:07: I’m sorry, but if Dave Chappelle came back to his show right fokking now, I’d totally still watch it. Thank you Netflix…
  • Thu, 01:08: RT @Hudsonian: Putting more focus into my Facebook page. So prepare for cool quotes (from other authors), important updates, etc. http:/ …
  • Thu, 01:18: Even TV from like 2004 has me going “Damn, that’s a big ass phone!”
  • Thu, 01:29: Remember when velour was RLY popular? Full on tracksuits of the stuff. Just don’t own a dog or a cat.
  • Thu, 01:33: RT @Cecilia_Ryan: (Basically I cannot stand angsty superheroes. Except Batman because he’d hardly be Batman otherwise.)
  • Thu, 01:35: I do love that Batman is like the brains of the Justice League. He wants to go out & beat the crap out of ppl w/his bare hands, Dexterly
  • Thu, 01:39: RT @Cecilia_Ryan: @HarperKingsley0 I’ve come to view Batman as being in the middle of a psychotic break. A thoroughly entertaining psych …
  • Thu, 01:48: The fact that in the alterna-world where the Flash died, Bruce was a traitor against the League bc he WOULDN’T kill shows that superheroes->
  • Thu, 01:49: <-are inherently unstable. There’s a v slim line between saviour on high and rampaging monster. That’s real to me. I can work w/that.
  • Thu, 01:55: I’m writing this Metamorphosis/bug story right now. It makes me wish I had a writing partner, but I’m too fokking shy 😦 I just lurk around
  • Thu, 01:58: The story needs a more early David Weber vibe that I just can’t seem to come up with. A nota-fantasy sci-fi story. All science magic nomnom
  • Thu, 01:59: Why does nobody invite me to their Tribe? I feel so lonely!
  • Thu, 02:06: RT @The_MarySue: A woman’s place is in the firebase.
  • Thu, 02:24: Hey marketing dudes, if you’re offering Perks, I like the free sample ones. Like Wheat Thins & Lipton. Bc of their samples, I bought more
  • Thu, 02:26: God I love Wheat Thins.Not too salty,they’re pretty solid, more like a biscuit cracker. & the flavor isn’t over the top. They’re like a hug

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