My tweets

  • Wed, 14:31: I hate genres! For reals, I’m trying to classify all these books, but genres are kicking my butt. That’s it, they’re all just “Reviews”
  • Wed, 14:33: RT @dcwomenkicknass: Make sure to vote in the Kick Ass DC Woman tourney Today it’s Starling vs. Jade and Renee Montoya vs. Rose Wilson! …
  • Wed, 14:34: “Why didn’t he say that on day one?” Bc he had to find some way to spin his answer after blatantly pissing on the 47% #Rmoney
  • Wed, 14:35: RT @JPBarnaby: Just 5 days left to enter to win one of 3 signed copies of the best selling novel, Aaron —
  • Wed, 14:37: Remember this? Yeah… #Rmoney
  • Wed, 14:47: Watching this guy eat psychadelic truffles. They look like crazy alien ears. Wonder what would happen if he chugged some orange juice
  • Wed, 14:54: It’s kind of hilarious watching someone tripping balls. I like that these guys grow the Philosopher Truffles, but don’t eat them themselves.
  • Wed, 14:56: I think the use of any kind of drug depends on body chemistry and mental state. If you’re in a bad place, psychedelics aren’t for you.
  • Wed, 14:58: “Drawing Blood” by Poppy Z. Brite was probably one of the first mm horror novels I read. The shroom scene and the clawed hammer…
  • Wed, 15:18: RT @DarkSideIntern: If marijuana is legalized, of course the taxes can help fund government services, but think of the boost to the econ …

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