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  • Thu, 01:16: I like how to fit the het big bang rules some of these guys turned to the tried & true method of genderfok to keep their OTP ;_; Beautiful
  • Thu, 01:19: Is it weird that even tho a bunch of ppl have stolen useage of my fandom name, I’m always top results?
  • Thu, 01:20: Even the old free website I had that I don’t have the password or email address for come up on top. (Don’t go there. It’s a horror story)
  • Thu, 01:39: I was rly digging this BtVS/AB fic right up until I figured out she was slow posting on tth & it was complete at AO3. Bam, ugh ending
  • Thu, 01:41: I’m tempted to write a fanfic of a fanfic jst 2have a satisfactory ending & that’s ridiculous.I don’t have time for that. Still… rrghghg.
  • Thu, 08:15: Slither & Sex Drive, baby. “12 Pretty Great Movies You Forgot About Before You Ever Got Around to Watching Them”
  • Thu, 09:28: Thanks RT @HavanFellows: NOVEL: The Panic Pure, by Harper Kingsley [mm suspense] – Chapter Five
  • Thu, 10:13: Gr8 artwork. Story? RT @DevinLMichaels: Blood. Death. Assassins. Oh, and time travel. What’s not to love? #DestinysFate
  • Thu, 11:52: Would make a great poster. #WhySoSerious RT @PatriotsOfMars: Madonna & (Alien) Child



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